Mako, who left the royal circle of relatives for romance, lives in a BHK flat

Agency, October 11. Kei Mako, who renounced the royal family’s title to marry a common man, is now living in the United States. According to a report, she is living in a one-bedroom flat with her husband.

Princess Mako had already abandoned her royal bungalow in Tokyo. Mako’s husband is a lawyer in the United States. They initially decided to take an apartment in Tokyo. But, later they reached America.

Mako Prince, 30, is the youngest daughter of Prince Fumihito. Mako, who had been in a love affair for eight years, got married on October 26. There is a provision that a woman has to lose the title of royal family when she tries to leave the royal family and live with others. She gave up 90 million rupees and got married to a common man. Mako is also understood to be working in the United States.Photo: Agency


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