New electrical scooter in 5 fashions in Nepali marketplace

11 October, Kathmandu.

Sundar Traders Pvt. Ltd. has unveiled new electric scooters in 5 models. Sundar Traders has unveiled five models of new electric scooters in Kathmandu on Thursday.

After unveiling the scooter, Sundar Traders Pvt. Ltd. Chairman Bhesh Bahadur Thapa said that the charge and battery of the scooter can be seen from GPS. He said that in the next few days, Pvt. Ltd. will import electric motorcycles and cars that can be operated in hilly areas. He said that the warranty of this scooter will be 5 years and its parts are also cheap.

Chairman Thapa said, “We have imported an electric scooter, you can see how much it is charged by GPS, it has GPS inside, so you can see how much battery is consumed while walking. We have now brought 5 models of scooters in the next few days.” We will operate bikes and cars in the hilly areas as well, and electric bikes with cars will be operational in the next 40 days.

Chairman Thapa said that emphasis has been laid on electric vehicles to reduce the fuel load. He said that Sundar Yatayat Pvt. Ltd. will provide the same service as Pathao in the coming months.


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