No alliance generally election: Koirala

Chitwan, Nov. 28: Nepali Congress leader Sujata Koirala has said that the party will not form an alliance with any party in the upcoming general election.

Talking to reporters today, she said, “The issue of alliance has not been raised. Congress should contest the election alone. ” He said that the decision should be taken only after discussing the issue as the Congress is a historical party.

On another occasion, she said that the Congress General Convention would be held on time. She said, “The chairperson has now said that the convention will be held on time. I have to believe. The convention should be held on time. ” She said that she was still discussing her candidature in the General Convention. Stating that in politics, it is more a matter of who has the same opinion than family, she said that she will give information only when the time comes for her candidature.

She also said that the general election needs to be targeted by ending factionalism within the Congress. “It weakens democracy,” she said of the recent criticism of the chief justice.रासस / File Photo


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