One morning, a well known particular person of Nepal kicked the bucket

KATHMANDU: Former Supreme Court Justice Bhairav ​​Prasad Lamsal has passed away. Lamsal’s niece Amrita Lamsal died at the age of 84 on Thursday morning while undergoing treatment at the Medicare Hospital in Kathmandu.

He had a heart problem in the past and was last admitted to the hospital three days ago due to additional health problems. The government had formed a well-known judicial inquiry commission in 2058 BS under the chairmanship of Lamsal to investigate the assets of public office holders. As he prepared the report under his leadership, it is known as the report of the Lamsal Commission.

Also: How is the weather today?

Kathmandu: There is a possibility of rain in the hilly areas of the country today. According to the Meteorological Department, light rain is likely in one or two places in hilly areas and snowfall is likely in one or two places in high hilly and mountainous areas. The weather will be generally clear with partial cloud cover across the country at night.

On Friday, the weather will be partly cloudy in the hilly areas and generally clear in the rest of the country. Light snow is expected in one or two places in high hills and mountains.


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