Ordinary circle of relatives: 4 family members however all 4 are transgender, how did this occur? (Watch the video)

Kathmandu. It was said that there are two races and classes of people in the world. One woman, another man. But now that definition has changed. Apart from men and women, there is another class in the world. Which is called third gender. In our society, dancing and singing was a tradition that was not considered good by the community. Sometimes even the police would be called, we would feel very unhappy, remembering the past, the third gender would be bullied like this.

What did they know while we were having fun? Why did you have to call the police? She burst out remembering the past. A human being is of the third sex just like we are born in the society. These are great fathers and mothers who have accepted this.

Only four children, not one or two, are now transgender. There is such a family in Nawalparasi Wardaghat. Jaya Thapa Magar is also very viral in Tiktak now. There are 4 third genders in his family. Looking at the ticket, they look very happy and happy, but the society’s P.D. is full of heart. This is how they are shocked when they tell their P.D.


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