Singer Madhu Chhetri says sure I’m in love, her circle of relatives loves me very a lot (Watch Video)

Kathmandu. Life is not what you think it is. ‘ Singer Madhu Chhetri has come into the limelight with the success of this song. In Kailali, she became very popular with that song. It has been more than a decade since Madhu started struggling to freeze in the field of music. But in her life, the song ‘Life is not as you think’ became a turning point. The words of the song he sang were similar in his life. She has fought and got up hundreds of times.

Chhetri, who was born in 2047 BS in Chaumala, Kailali, spent her childhood in Chaumala. She has been singing Thadi Bhaka and Deuda since her childhood. But she did not succeed. But this song introduced him to many. The more famous she became, the more inspiring her life’s struggles became. She has raised her daughter alone. She has a 15-year-old daughter. Her struggle started after her marriage failed.

But now Madhu has admitted that she is in love. But she has not met the person she loves. She said that there was a conversation between her boyfriend’s family and her own. I think her family is like their own father and mother. They love me very much, Madhu said, but we have no plans for marriage now.


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