That is how Tamang took his personal spouse and daughter (with on-site record).

In Deumai municipality, a man has killed his wife and daughter. Purnachandra Tamang, 33, of Deumai-5, Barung has killed his wife Sita, 34, and daughter Shiksha, 16, police said. Chief of the District Police Office, Ilam, SP Mahendra Kumar Shrestha said that Kamal had taken care of his wife and daughter.

“Preliminary investigation shows that his wife died after he was diagnosed with the disease,” said Shrestha. SP Shrestha informed that the police have arrested Kamal and are conducting further investigation after the villagers came to know about his daughter and wife’s whereabouts.

Tamang, who has been doing unnatural activities for a week claiming that he is a deity, had tried to attack other members of his family as well. But his family’s 63-year-old father Lal Bahadur Tamang, mother Bhimaya Tamang’s elder sister Shanta Tamang, Miley’s sister Asha Tamang and Tamang’s two daughters saved Bhage and Jan, said neighbor Shiva Karki.

“When we arrived at around 4 in the morning, there were bodies of wife, daughter and dog inside the house.” Neighbor Karki said, “Then we informed the police.” Karki said that for some time now, Kamal has been asking his father to address him as a teacher instead of a son. Tamang’s elder sister Shanta had come to Maite a few days ago while Miley Asha had come to Maite only on Monday. Neighbor Karki said that they hid in his aunt’s house and saved his life.

According to the locals, there are scars of ToK on the body of the deceased. Karki said, “It doesn’t look like ‘Ka’te’, it looks like ‘To’karai Ma’reko.’ Police said that further investigation is underway. Tamang’s eldest daughter Diwana is 8 years old and youngest daughter Dipnia is 3 and a half years old.


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