The correct time for intercourse at night time or within the morning? With reason why

We talked to our partner, ‘What is the right time to contact? Is it appropriate to contact at night or in the morning? A study has now shown that it is more appropriate in the morning than at night. Having sex in the morning improves heart health and boosts the body’s immune system.

According to Ayurveda, good happiness comes only when both partners are completely relaxed. In general, people choose the time of night for what it is. But, in the morning, knowing the benefits of ‘X’, you may also like to do ‘X’ in the morning.

Sleep at night after fatigue

Fatigue during the day and work stress make you need to go to bed early at night. Even with the pressure of the day’s work, it is difficult to think about the night. So you can try a session in a fresh mood in the morning by getting enough sleep at night. Studies show that good sleep is essential for libido.

Increases intimacy with partner

According to a study by the University of Texas, the hormone oxytocin is released during sex. Occitan also works to increase your intimacy with your partner. In this case, you may feel connected to your partner throughout the day.

In the morning, men are more excited, victorious

Men tend to win more in the morning after resting all night. Her testosterone levels are high in the morning. In this way, from the morning, ‘x tends to be more enjoyable for him.

Let’s do the morning exercise bye-bye

If you feel lazy to exercise, morning sex can replace the workout. According to reports, ‘X’ burns 300 calories in an hour.

Best time

The participants in the study said that the best time for sex is 7:30 in the morning. According to him, doing ‘X’ in the morning will reduce his stress and will also improve his mood throughout the day.


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