The primary track of the film ‘Ol Come To Hemjakot’ Deusi Valo goes viral on YouTube

Lately, Nepali movies have not been made public, but everyone knows that many movies have been stopped, including the much awaited movie ‘OL Come to Hemjakot’. The first song of the same movie has been made public. The smell of the cell has come to the market.

The song features popular singers Santi Shree Pariyar, Ashmita Adhikari, Raj Sagar and Ranjan Isan. The song has been released by Sakura Multimedia. They are Ambika Tamang, Raju Shrestha, Sandeep Sikdel, Sushma Karki and Dinesh Khadka.

The music of the song of the film has been composed by Raj Sagar and the lyrics have been penned by Nishan Nishkara. The song is by Saroj Poudel.


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