To vaccinate kids within the age staff of three to 11 in Bahrain …

11 Kartik, Kathmandu.

In Bahrain, children between the ages of 3 and 11 are also allowed to be vaccinated against synoform.

Health officials in Bahrain have concluded that it would be appropriate to vaccinate children in that age group across the country.

The decision to vaccinate the children was taken on Tuesday and arrangements have been made to fill the form from Wednesday, officials said.

Government health officials say they have started the process of vaccinating children based on the recommendations of health experts and stakeholders.

Details of the decision to vaccinate children are available on the Ministry of Health’s website, he said.

Bahrain’s National Medical Task Force (NTTF) has begun vaccinating children against various forms of coronavirus.

The country is happy with the decision to vaccinate children against the coronavirus, and government officials expect the epidemic to be brought under control.


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