Twenty-two microbuses from China entered Nepal on Wednesday

Electric microbuses have been imported from Rasuwagadhi in northern Nepal. Twenty-two microbuses imported from businessmen focusing on urban areas entered Nepal on Wednesday.

The microbus has a seating capacity of 12. Narendra Prasad Chaudhary, information officer at the Rasuwa Customs Office, said that the vehicles were being imported from China every day and the microbuses that arrived after the end of the month had been cleared and sent to their destination.

According to the customs office, 100 electric cars were imported before Dashain and the number of microbus imports has increased recently. Drivers have responded that it is very challenging to drive on unpaved roads to Kathmandu as the wheels of imported microbuses are low.

It is said that most of the roads from Rasuwagadhi to Galchi have more potholes making it more inconvenient for small and light vehicles to move easily. Some of the small vehicles imported before Dashain are stuck at the customs due to lack of goods and their representatives.

It is said that the import of electric vehicles will reduce pollution and increase the cleanliness of the environment in urban areas and the passenger vehicles running on petroleum products will be gradually removed. It is said that it will be very easy to travel in urban areas without sound as the battery in the vehicle can reach up to four hours once charged.

According to the customs office, more than 900 small and large vehicles have been imported since July / August of the current fiscal year. According to the customs official, more than Rs. 650 million has been collected from the imported vehicles as per the rules.


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