VIP Devi Thapa was once in the end arrested from Kathmandu

A young woman has been arrested on charges of being involved in a honey trap. Devi Thapa of Sunkhoshi Village Municipality-1, Balkhu, Okhaldhunga has been arrested for cheating various youths in a honey trapping.

According to Kathmandu Police Spokesperson SP Ramesh Basnet, a woman was arrested for bouncing a check despite a complaint of honey trapping. A team from the premises arrested him from the Naxals of the capital.

The accused has been found to have swindled more than Rs 7.5 million by trapping at least six youths in honey trapping. He has been accused of defrauding a contractor in Sindhuli of Rs 4.5 lakh, Nepal Police SAI Rs 1.7 lakh, a youth working in a cooperative Rs 1.3 lakh and a youth with congenital disability Rs 221,000.

Similarly, a youth from Okhaldhunga was accused of cheating by giving a check which was not in his account. Knowing that there was no money in the account, they handed over a check of Rs.

A 27/28 year old girl. Looking at the face and the food, it is like a family. The style of communication is also different from the common man. When you look at his lifestyle and speech behavior, it is rare to be close to him.

She is Deepa Thapa (name change). Deepa, who hails from Okhaldhunga of Sunkoshi village, has been living in Kathmandu for about five years. He has no job, no business. There is no other person to earn money. However, his pomp and lifestyle is luxurious. If you want to reach his flat, you can find everything from expensive furniture to luxury items in modern design.

In the five years of her stay in Kathmandu, she moved more than 18 times. The reason for moving from time to time is to hide one’s identity or to be harassed by the landlord. Why would a householder evict a person with such a lifestyle? Or why does this young woman keep moving to hide her identity? The reason is his Honey Trap business.

Deepa’s business or business is called honey trap. She gets close to the youth. Initially, she pays for the transaction herself. Later, she also takes money from young people. Then she falls in love and establishes a sexual relationship. She makes photos and videos of the relationship and instead takes money by blackmailing the young people.

If she doesn’t get the money on time, she tells her relatives or family members about her relationship with the young man and threatens to bring out the photos and videos. And young people are forced to compromise. The young woman tricks the man into taking the money and takes the money.

She has not only taken money from some youths by putting them in a trap, she has also filed a case like Karni.

This is the way of a young woman

Although Deepa’s mother was from Okhaldhunga, she was married to Prakash Khadka (name change) of Fikal village on the border of Okhaldhunga and Sindhuli. The marriage was arranged through the acquaintance of the people of the village. Prakash was serving in the Nepal Army while Deepa lived in the village.

As Prakash became more focused on the army, Deepa’s relationship with a contractor in Sindhuli became closer. Prakash found out that he had a close relationship with the contractor. After that, Prakash left his job in the Nepal Army and came home saying that he would save his family. But when she came home, Deepa ran away saying that her pole was open.

According to Prakash, Deepa squandered her property worth around Rs 5 million. She said that she bought land in Bhaktapur with the money she earned while joining the peace force. However, Prakash said that the land was bought in the name of the same contractor and later the land was not returned.

Later, when she got divorced from the court, Deepa took another four lakh rupees for her daughter. At the time of the divorce, Deepa testified in court that the father of her daughter was not Prakash. However, she took an additional four lakh rupees for her daughter’s education.

Deepa and Prakash have been divorced for about 5 years. After that, Deepa left Sindhuli and started living in Kapan and Buddhist areas. Meanwhile, she started pressuring the contractor from Sindhuli to marry her. Relatives of the contractor say that they were forced to marry him or pay him.

The relatives of the contractor said that the contractor’s family had paid Rs 4.5 million to Deepa after they started threatening to establish a relationship and file a tax case if she did not get married and did not pay.

The contractor, who was laughing with Deepa knowing that he was the wife of another, had initially closed his field and withdrew Rs 2.5 million from the cooperative. Later, when he started giving more names, he settled the case by paying an additional Rs 2 million, but the contractor’s farm went to auction.

Cooperative employees were also trapped

Deepa, who left home with her husband’s property, found the contractor in a honeymoon and set off in search of another promiscuous character. Those characters were Deepa’s uncle’s relatives. Deepa herself sent a friend request on Facebook to the young man working in a cooperative in the Buddhist field. In the beginning, there was a normal conversation. Deepa started calling the young man for coffee and lunch. Deepa also showed some young women saying that she would look for a good girl for those unmarried men. However, the young man did not like others.

Later, Deepa herself started sending messages to the young man, saying that it doesn’t matter, we should stay in a relationship. At first, the young man expressed his displeasure. But, even Deepa doesn’t make any difference.

However, the same relationship did not happen for Deepa and for the young man. Deepa now started asking the young man for money. At first, she said that when she asked for money, she asked for it as a loan and in a short time, a lot of interest would come. Initially, she started to return the money with interest. The young man continued to pay more.

The youth did not have much money as they were ordinary people working in cooperatives. After giving Deepa more than Rs 200,000, he started asking for a refund. However, when he started asking for a refund, Deepa’s behavior began to change. Deepa called me to her flat to feed me and at the same time started taking nude photos and videos of the young man. Then she started blackmail showing the same photos and videos.

Bargaining started at Rs 1.5 million and ended at Rs 800,000. And, it was agreed not to do any haircut for Rs. 800,000 and not to give grief later. Two papers were filed with a lawyer. The first paper contained a transaction and the young man paid Rs. 800,000 to Deepa. In the second paper, it was stated that they had taken Rs. 8 lakh as compensation for having sexual intercourse between them.

The young man also thought of doing his job by paying Rs 8 lakh and gave Rs 8 lakh. But, that money did not reach Deepa. Along with Deepa, two men and a woman who were involved in the gang of Honey Troop raised Deepa further. They started demanding more money, threatening to file a tax case. These things are also mentioned in the message sent to the young man by a member of Deepa and Gi Roh.

However, the youth said that he could not pay the additional amount as he had already settled the case by paying Rs 800,000. Later, Deepa and gang members registered a case of tax evasion against the youth with the Buddhist police. The case is still pending in the Kathmandu District Court.

Threatening to get pregnant

According to the young man who was in a relationship with Deepa, the deed was done by Deepa and not by the young man. He said, ‘What to do, Nepal’s law says women cannot do taxes. Otherwise, Deepa had forced me on the first day. ‘

According to the young man, Deepa was reluctant to use temporary means including condoms during her relationship. She said she had been injected for three months and would not use condoms and would not have to worry about anything else.

However, when she had taken a lot of money, she started threatening him saying that she was pregnant. Then she started bargaining for money through a member of her sister’s gang. The young man said, ‘Once his sister got pregnant and kept texting him that the case had to be settled. Later, I did my own test. However, the report came back negative.

According to the youth, Deepa repeatedly asked for money and threatened to call and text her family members if she did not pay. He said, “They also took Rs. I still have the message and call record he bargained for. But, I still have to walk. That woman ruined my life. I am still being harassed. Who will understand my pain? ‘

8 Facebooks

It has been found that Deepa has run 8 Facebook accounts under different names including Prashantha Thapa. One of the victims said that he did not use the Facebook after using a Facebook account and used a new Facebook every time.

The victim said, ‘Initially, I received a friend request in the name of Prasha Thapa. Later, conversations started under other names. I didn’t know why I used Facebook under different names. Later I came to know that this is the profession. ‘

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