Why did the ocean whale get puzzled when he noticed the person?

KATHMANDU: Marine whales have recently started targeting people. Whale attacks are especially common among people who go underwater research and adventure. However, the whale itself is responsible for the increase in such attacks. They have attacked humans as seals. The seal is a favorite prey of white whales.

A group of Australian scientists also conducted a study after a white whale attacked humans. They studied video footage of people swimming and surfing. Surfboard is used for swimming in the sea and skating in the snow.

Scientists viewed the video footage from different angles. The man and the seal were clearly visible during the observation. Even when viewed from an underwater surface, the scientist struggled to distinguish between seals and humans. The shape between the man and the seal was also visible. “In fact, whales don’t kill people, they attack like seals,” said research team leader Dr. Says Laura Ryan.

Researchers focused on white SAARC. It is also believed that sharks cannot distinguish colors like other creatures. That is, they have limited ability to distinguish colors. “Their ability to distinguish colors is weaker than ours,” says Ryan. As the SAARC grows, its eyes widen. When the eyes are large, they tend to focus on more than one object.


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