4 jailed for feeding excrement

October 22, Mahaettari.

The Mahottari District Court has remanded four persons, including two women, in custody for feeding human excrement to a woman on the charge of witchcraft in Suga village of Jaleshwor Municipality-4 in Mahottari district. The eldest son Sikinder and the youngest son Anil have been sent to Jaleshwar Jail for trial.

When the wife of local Shambhu Mahato, 42, was walking in front of Sikandar Mahato’s house at around 3 in the morning on the seventh day of the month, her 13-year-old daughter Kajal started crying when she saw him in front of her house.

Sukamariya was tied to an electric pole in front of the house, had her hair cut off, her body stripped naked, and her head and face were smeared with black and white human excrement. Police had arrested the accused in the incident on November 20


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