After the passengers fled from the aircraft that made an emergency touchdown, there used to be a commotion on the airport

Kathmandu. A busy airport in Spain was closed for about four hours on Friday after foreign immigrants tried to enter Spain illegally.

The flight was diverted to Palm de Mallorca after a passenger on a flight from Casablanca, Morocco, to Istanbul, Turkey, reportedly fell ill.

After the plane landed, 21 passengers ran away from the runway and crossed the fence around the airport. Police later arrested some people, but 12 were not found until Saturday night.

Police are investigating whether the migrants fled suddenly after landing on a plane and whether they came to Spain illegally as planned. Aina Calvo, a senior government official on the island of Baliarik, said this was the first time such an incident had taken place at a Spanish airport.

How did the passengers escape?
A Moroccan passenger with diabetes reportedly fainted after an Air Arabia Marocco plane made an emergency landing at the airport.

Emergency services personnel boarded the plane to evacuate the passengers. At the same time, 21 passengers alighted from the ladder and fled. The Moroccan man, who was found to be ill after being examined, was discharged from the hospital.

But he was arrested on charges of entering Spain illegally, according to a Spanish media report. Another passenger who went to the hospital with him has also gone missing.

According to the Mayorka Daily Bulletin, most of the arrested immigrants were found by District Police Guardia Sibyl. One of them was reportedly caught walking on the way to Manakor.

A total of 24 people, including a man arrested by police for allegedly behaving aggressively on the plane, were involved in the incident. About 60 national and international flights were affected by the incident. The flights were either diverted or delayed. Later, an Air Arabia Maroc plane carrying the remaining passengers flew to Turkey.


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