Bar Affiliation urges events to take severe steps in opposition to coercion

October 22, Kathmandu. The Nepal Bar Association has decided to request the political parties represented in the parliament, including the Prime Minister, to take serious and appropriate steps regarding Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher Jabra. It has also announced additional agitation programs.

Secretary General Lilamani Poudyal informed that the bar had decided to hand over the memorandum to the parties in the parliament after holding a nationwide discussion on Sunday and Monday. He said, “It has been decided to submit a memorandum to the Prime Minister and the political parties in the parliament to take appropriate steps to take the current situation seriously.”

Barr, who has been asked not to convene a bench comprising Chief Justice Jabbar, has asked other judges not to sit in the bench.

It has been decided to request the members of both the bodies not to participate in the meeting of the Judicial Council and the Judicial Service Commission convened by Chief Justice Jabra.

The Chief Justice is the ex-officio chairperson of the council and the commission. The Judicial Council consists of the Chief Justice, the Minister of Law, the Senior Judge of the Supreme Court and the Prime Minister and two members appointed on the recommendation of the Nepal Bar Association.

The Judicial Service Commission consists of the Minister of Law, the Senior Judge of the Supreme Court, the Chairperson of the Public Service Commission and the Attorney General.

Movement until resignation

Barr has also decided to continue the agitation until Chief Justice Jabra resigns. Secretary General Poudyal said that the Supreme Court-centric movement would be extended to other places from Tuesday.

It has decided to protest in the district courts, high courts and tribunals of the Kathmandu Valley.
According to General Secretary Poudyal, protests have been planned in 90 units of the Bar Association on November 12, 13 and 14 outside the Kathmandu Valley.

Barr has also decided to issue a white paper saying that the movement has created confusion among the people.

The Supreme Court administration has also demanded the immediate removal of the riot police stationed in the court premises.


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