Kapil Dev alleges that the Indian crew misplaced when the gamers prioritized the IPL, which earns some huge cash

Agency, 22 October. India, one of the title contenders in the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup, could not even reach the semi-finals. India lost two games in the group stage. The Indians, who value cricket so much, are outraged after being knocked out of the group stage.

After losing the first match to Pakistan, the team has been criticized in India. Various action reactions are coming.

Former India cricket captain Kapil Dev has reviewed the defeat. He has accused the players of paying too much attention to Indian Premier League cricket, which earns a lot of money, and underestimating the responsibility of playing for the nation.

“What do we say when players prioritize the IPL over playing for the country?” He said that every player should feel proud while playing for the country.

Kapil Dev said that the national team should be the first priority of the country. India’s chances of reaching the semifinals were dashed after New Zealand’s win over Afghanistan on Sunday.


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