Leader Minister Pandey of Bagmati were given a vote of self belief

October 22, Hetauda. Bagmati Chief Minister Rajendra Pandey has received a vote of confidence.

On Monday, Pandey received 59 votes in favor of the proposal that the state assembly has confidence in him. There are 109 members in the Bagmati Provincial Assembly. A vote of confidence requires the support of 55 lawmakers.

Speaker Sankumar Shrestha said that Chief Minister Pandey got the vote of confidence as it was the majority of the state assembly. A total of 104 state assembly members had cast their votes in the state assembly on Monday.

Pandey has been given a vote of confidence by 23 MPs from the CPN-Maoist Center, 22 from the Nepali Congress, 13 from the CPN-U and one from the Janata Samajwadi Party.

There have been 43 votes against Chief Minister Pandey’s no-confidence motion. Forty lawmakers from the CPN-UML and three from the Vibekshil Saja Party have voted against. Three CPN-UML MPs were absent from the polls.

The RPP, which has two MPs, did not attend the division of votes, while the two-member Nepal Mazdoor Kisan Party (NMKP) remained neutral.


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