‘Mundreko Comedy Membership’ closed from these days

October 22, Kathmandu.

The ‘Mundreko Comedy Club’ run by comedian Jeetu Nepal has been closed from today. Host Jitu Nepal announced the closure of the show at a press conference on Monday.

The last part of the show, which is being aired every Monday at 8:50 on Nepal Television, will be aired today. He says he decided to close Mundre’s Comedy Club after the company that was producing the show, Ki Advertising, announced another television show with Phulandeki Ama (Umesh Rai) as the presenter. He also said that he wanted to close the program before seeing the grief of running the program.

Nepal has also expressed its grief over the closure of the program which employs about 30-40 people. “There was a lot of grief,” he told reporters. I wanted to stop, there was a mess in the team work too. There was also an excuse to close. Umesh Rai did not have to leave the program, the artist could have done another program. My complaint is with the construction agency. The agency removed the artist from my program without consulting me and made a program on another television. ‘

The first season of ‘Mundreko Comedy Club’ aired up to 76 episodes. Actress and director Deepa Shree Niraula was the chairperson of the program. The program was interrupted due to Kovid. Jeetu aired the second season in 56 episodes. Karisma Manandhar was the chairperson of the second season.


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