That is the primary Chinese language lady to stroll in area, thus created historical past!

Kathmandu. Chinese astronaut Wang Yaping has made history by walking in space. She is the first Chinese woman to walk in space.

According to China’s National Space Agency, Wang walked into space for six and a half hours on Monday morning. He was assisted by two members of the Shenzhou-13 team. The third woman in the three-member team sat on the space station.

The team reached space on October 16. After landing on Sunday, Wang returned to Earth and waved. In a video released by the Flight Control Center, she said she was very happy. Wang is the second Chinese woman to reach space. Earlier, in 2012, Liu Yang had boarded the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft.

Returning to Earth from space, she shared her experience: ‘The first time I looked out of a window, I realized the true power of life. I can’t describe in words what happened in space. ‘

While in space, the group connected a suspension device to the space station. On the occasion, they also tested the Chinese-developed space wear.

Before Wang, 15 women have walked in space since 1984. Soviet astronaut Svetlana Savitsky is the first woman to walk in space. Most of the female astronauts in space are Americans.


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