The CEO of the Tourism Board made a fuss on the airport when he stopped ingesting alcohol

October 22, Kathmandu. On Saturday, the day of Bhaitika, the Chief Executive Officer of the Nepal Tourism Board, Dr. Dhananjay Regmi was in line with other passengers. The baggage of CEO Regmi, who had returned after attending the World Travel Mart in London, was spotted by the airport customs office because there were six bottles of liquor in the baggage.

According to the Jitigunta facility, passengers coming to Nepal get only one liter bottle of liquor with them. However, after seeing 6-6 bottles, Regmi was questioned.

According to customs office sources, Regmi initially announced that he was the CEO of the Tourism Board. He clarified that he was carrying the liquor bought by the board staff and tourism businessmen who were traveling with him.

However, the customs officials said that the same person had brought so much liquor illegally and that it would be confiscated.

According to a police official stationed at the airport, Regmi showed unnatural behavior in the name of Tourism Minister Prem Bahadur Ale and Secretary Yadav Koirala.

After that, there was a scuffle between Regmi and the customs staff at the airport. Officials at the airport customs office claim that Regmi abused the staff by using “insignificant words”. They have accused CEO Regmi of slapping the employees.

On that day, CEO Regmi came from London with Tourism Minister Ale and Secretary Koirala on the same plane. The Minister and the Secretary left the airport using the route used by the special guests.

Regmi, who arrived in Nepal from a plane that landed at Tribhuvan International Airport at 9 am on Saturday, board employees and tourism businessmen left the road used by the public.

Before flying from London to Kathmandu, CEO Regmi told online news that he and three employees of the board and three tourism businessmen had bought liquor on ‘duty free’.

They bought Bye One Get One (one bottle is available for free) and brought it to Nepal. But CEO Regmi claims that he is ahead of others in the line of immigration and customs checking.

After some tension at the airport, the airport customs office refused to release Regmi. CEO Regmi was allowed to go home at 1 pm after confiscating a bottle of liquor.

Chief of the Tribhuvan Airport Customs Office Mahesh Bhattarai said that they were released after imposing a fine of Rs 5,000 on the employees working at the airport. “Customs does not look at who is in which position, it only knows what is in the law and treats everyone equally accordingly,” he said.

An official of the customs department said that if the person carrying more than the prescribed amount of goods is released, the justification of staying at the customs to check the goods brought by the passengers at the airport will end. “Even when ordinary passengers bring more luggage than prescribed by others, we will look at the law, which is the law that applies no matter how special the person is,” he said.

CEO Regmi said that he came out after paying the fine as per the law as it was a holiday. In the first test conducted by a doctor of Kathmandu Medical College, Regmi was found to have consumed alcohol. But a second test immediately showed that he had not been drinking.

CEO Regmi has claimed that he drank in a hotel abroad 14-15 hours ago but not on a ship. Saying that the positive report was written without even using ‘fu’ in the mouth, he also questioned the system of measuring and checking.

Is slapping the way to teach hospitality?

Nepal Tourism Board is an institution that teaches hospitality to service providers on internal and external tourists in Nepal. In this incident, the chief officer of the main mechanism for teaching tourist respect and hospitality has been involved in the charge of disrespect.

Regmi has admitted that he was pushed to the point where he could not bear the insults and behavior of the employees.

Complaints are also heard about the rude behavior and speech of the airport staff. However, the customs officials have termed this activity as indigestible.

A senior official of the customs department said that there was no way to teach respect to employees if they disrespected them.

However, CEO Regmi claimed that he was treated indecently and questioned how the employees would treat ordinary tourists.

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has asked Regmi to submit a written explanation within three days.

On Monday, the ministry has also talked to the employees who were accused of abusing CEO Regmi while working at the airport customs. After holding talks with both the parties, the ministry has sought an explanation from CEO Regmi.

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