The primary demise of an individual in Gorkha from screw typhus

POKHARA: A person has died in Gorkha due to scrub typhus transmitted from animal ticks. A 67-year-old man of Bhimsen Thapa village municipality-6 has died. He died while undergoing treatment at Chitwan Medical College, said Bhesraj Khanal, chief of the health department of Bhimsen Thapa village.

He was rushed to Gorkha Hospital due to sudden rise in fever. He was referred to Bharatpur after being informed by Gorkha Hospital that he could not be treated. He died less than 24 hours after being taken to hospital. Branch chief Khanal has confirmed that he died due to screw typhus.

The family found out that he had been ill for a few days. He was referred to CMC by Gorkha Hospital and tested positive for typhus, ‘he said.’ No one in other wards of the municipality has screw typhus. We are hot when people say they have died. We deploy health workers to test suspects. ‘

Gorkha and Myagdi in Gandaki were hotspots for the disease. Earlier, 35 people were diagnosed with screw typhus in Arughat village municipality. They are also seen in other municipalities. However, the disease is not so prevalent in other municipalities of the district now. This is the first case of death due to screw typhus in Gorkha. After the death of the patient for the first time, other municipalities have raised awareness.


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