Vote of self assurance to the Leader Minister of Bagmati Pradesh

Kathmandu, 22 Kartik. In the meeting of the Bagmati Provincial Assembly held this afternoon, the motion of confidence put forward by the Chief Minister of the coalition government Rajendra Prasad Pandey has been passed by a majority.

According to the Provincial Assembly Secretariat, 59 votes were cast in favor of the meeting. In the opposition, the CPN-UML got 43 votes and the Common Discretionary Party got three votes. The Nepal Mazdoor Kisan Party had declared its neutrality in the proposal.

Similarly, RPP MPs were absent. Sanukumar Shrestha, Speaker of the Bagmati Provincial Assembly, informed that the next meeting of the Provincial Assembly has been postponed till further notice.

Rajendra Pandey has been appointed to the post after the then Chief Minister Ashtalakshmi Shakya resigned from the post on October 26. The Bagmati Provincial Assembly currently has 109 members. A total of 104 MPs were present in today’s meeting. fil e photo


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