Why the resignation of the Leader Justice? Those are the 9 arguments of the Preferrred Courtroom

Kathmandu: The Supreme Court Bar Association, which is in agitation demanding the resignation of Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher Jabra, has made public nine arguments for his resignation. Secretary of the Supreme Court Bar Association Rishi Ram Ghimire said that the concept was put forward by the Supreme Bar for discussion with the bar units during the ongoing agitation of the Nepal Bar Association.

He warned that if his demands were not met, the bar would launch a decisive movement. The Supreme Court has been accused of creating factionalism and animosity among the judges.

Such are the arguments of the Supreme Court

Despite having the opportunity to be in the leadership for a long period of three years, he has not fulfilled any of the commitments made publicly during his appointment. By creating factionalism among the judges within the court, mutual quarrels, hatred and animosity have been created among the judges.

Weakening the judiciary by creating differences, conflicts and divisions between junior and senior judges and taking the honor of the court. Making the administration of justice the most controversial, opaque, inconsistent and distorted in the judicial history of Nepal.

By bargaining with the vested interests of the political parties and political authorities, the principles, values ​​and norms of independent judiciary, constitutionalism, separation of powers and balance of power, which are the soul of the constitution, have been damaged. During its three-year tenure, it has not fulfilled any of its public commitments and promises to eradicate the distortions, inconsistencies and corruption in the judiciary and to improve the administration of justice.

Instead of implementing the report made public, the committee formed to propose a report with legal, structural and other measures for the prevention of malpractices, irregularities or corruption and intermediary activities in the self-constituted judiciary.

The Nepal Bar Association, the umbrella organization of legal practitioners, and the Supreme Court Bar Association, honest and clean judiciary, have repeatedly ignored the legitimate demands and concerns raised by esteemed personalities in the field of justice. Lack of judicial qualities and work capacity, good conduct, behavior and character required for judicial leadership.


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