Yahoo exits China

October 22, Kathmandu. Yahoo has become the last foreign company to exit the Chinese market. Yahoo has also decided to leave China due to China’s growing control over the technology industry.

Due to the increasingly challenging business and legal environment in China, Yahoo’s services will not be available in China from November 1, Yahoo said on Tuesday.

Yahoo left China on Monday, the day the Chinese government enacted a new data protection law.

The new law also places legal restrictions on technology companies collecting user data and using user data.

In addition, the new law requires companies to provide user data if requested by the government, which has caused a crisis for international companies operating in China.

Less than a month after Microsoft shut down its social platform LinkedIn in China. Microsoft shut down LinkedIn, citing a more challenging operating environment in China and strict adherence to government policy.

Although Yahoo has been shut down in China since Monday, it was only announced on Tuesday. Earlier, Yahoo’s presence was controversial and volatile. In 2007, US lawmakers criticized Yahoo for providing data on two Chinese rebels to the Chinese government.

As control and regulation of foreign companies increased in China, Yahoo has been shrinking its presence in China in recent times. Yahoo also closed its Beijing office in 2015.

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