Afghanistan is turning into ‘hell on earth’

A crowd of people has gathered in Maidan Wardak, 50 miles west of the capital Kabul. Crowds have risen since the government distributed wheat flour with the help of the World Food Program (WFP).

The Taliban were pushing the crowd to calm down. However, some people were outraged when a government official said they were unable to receive the flour distributed as a subsidy.

“The winter has come,” said one man. As the temperature rises, Afghanistan is in danger of becoming a hell on earth. Drought details are being made public in most areas. The incidence of famine has increased day by day due to lack of agricultural production. The WFP faces the challenge of providing food security for the 2.2 million people who are starving in Afghanistan.

Experts have warned that winter will be hotter this winter than other winters. They say drought and famine will affect a large part of Afghanistan’s population.

The situation in Afghanistan is worse than ever, says WFP director David Bisle. He says the Afghan crisis is the biggest humanitarian problem on earth.

He says 95 percent of Afghanistan’s population is malnourished and 2.3 million people are starving. The WFP estimates that there could be a major catastrophe in Afghanistan within six months. Before the Taliban took control of the capital, Kabul, in August, the government led by then-President Asraf Ghani was expected to face the challenge of winter.

This is because in the previous winter, the international community had been providing huge assistance to Afghanistan. However, with the fall of the Taliban, donors have withdrawn from Afghanistan.

Western nations have also cut off aid to Afghanistan. Stating that strict Sharia law has been enforced in the country and that female students have been deprived of schooling, Western nations have announced that they have stopped providing aid to Afghanistan.

Will the West stand on its own two feet and force millions of Afghans to starve? This is the demon question now.
The WFP has repeatedly called on world governments to provide immediate humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.

‘World leaders and billionaires! Imagine for a second! Your little ones are starving to death. ‘ Director David called on the world community to help in Afghanistan. He says millions of children are dying of starvation, despite the world’s सम्पत्ति 400 trillion in assets, and that everyone should be ashamed of it.

‘If a child dies of starvation, we should be ashamed. It doesn’t matter where the baby is. ‘, He says.

‘As winter approaches, my heart aches. There is nothing to feed the children. Soon I will have to walk the streets begging ‘, says Fatima, from the city of Bamiyan in central Afghanistan. He has 7 children. Her husband died a few months ago of cancer.

Some parents have sold their children because of the dowry, while others have taken some money by marrying their daughter to an adult.

Also: Virat Kohli: Great player, captain says ‘flop’

India has returned home from the group stage of T20 World Cup 2021. He now faces Namibia in the final game on Saturday. This will be Virat Kohli’s last game as T20 captain.

In this case, Kohli wants a happy holiday in the last game. As captain, Kohli has been performing well in batting. His performance as a captain has also been good. However, his captaincy has faded in the big games of the ICC tournament. Virat has so far captained India in 65 Tests.

In which the team has won 38 games, which is a record. Meanwhile, Virat Kohli is India’s third most successful ODI captain after MS Dhoni and Mohammad Azharuddin.

Virat has so far captained India in 95 ODIs, in which India have won 65 matches. Apart from this, Virat has so far led India in 49 T20 games.

Kohli’s record as captain

Kohli, 33, is the highest-scoring Indian captain in Test cricket. He has so far scored 5667 runs in 65 Tests for India at an average of 56.11. During this period, his bat has hit 20 centuries and 17 fifties.

Kohli is the second highest run scorer in ODIs after Dhoni. As captain, he has so far scored 5,449 runs in 95 ODIs at an average of 72.65.

During this period, he has hit 21 centuries and 27 fifties from his bat. Virat is also the second highest run scorer in T20 Internationals after Australia captain Aaron Finch. Kohli has so far scored 1570 runs as captain in 49 T20 internationals.

‘Flop’ captain

Virat’s captaincy has completely flopped in the big games of the ICC tournament. Under Virat’s captaincy, India lost to Pakistan by 180 runs in the final of the 2017 Champions Trophy.

In that game, Virat Kohli decided to bowl first after winning the toss. Taking full advantage of that, Pakistan scored 338 runs for the loss of four wickets in the stipulated 50 overs. In the 2019 World Cup, India once again excelled and made it to the semi-finals.

However, he proved to be a flop once again in the decisive game. India had lost to New Zealand by 18 runs in the semi-final. Looking at India’s excellent performance in Test cricket, it was expected to win the ICC Test Championship title.

However, in the final game in Southampton, the fate of Virat was betrayed again. Not only losing the toss, India lost by eight wickets.

Despite captaining Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL for a long time, his team has yet to win a title. Kohli has announced that he will step down as the captain of the IPL.

In the ongoing T20 World Cup, the Indian team was considered a contender for the title. However, the performance of the Indian team in both batting and bowling against Pakistan and New Zealand was disappointing. At the same time, Virat’s luck betrayed him in both the games and he also failed to win the toss.


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