After no longer showing within the trailer of ‘Six Paws 4’, Jitu expressed his anger and introduced that he’ll no longer paintings within the movie.

Kathmandu: Actor Jitu Nepal will not be in the movie ‘Chakka Panja 4’. Jitu has announced that he will not be staying at the event organized to announce the closure of comedy reality show ‘Mundreko Comedy Club’ on Monday. He said that he would not be in the movie even if the trailer of ‘Chakka Panja 4’ which reached the audience of Hindi movie was not released.

Jitu said, “I have made ordinary actors Deepak Dai and Deepa Didi the heroes of the film. They have done a lot for me. I shouldn’t always expect anything from them. ‘Due to the superhero controversy, the distance between Jeetu and’ Chakka Panja ‘team has increased with the departure of director Deepashree Niraula from’ Mundreko Comedy Club ‘.

However, they have been saying that their relationship is good. Deepak Raj Giri and Deepashree Niraula have made a trailer to inform the audience that ‘Chakka Panja 4’ is coming.

The cast of the ‘Six Paws’ series has not only won the trailer. Meanwhile, another actor Deepak Raj Giri has said that it has not been decided whether Jitu will be in the film or not.


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