All phrases fade away prior to silence

-Brahmashri Mitra: When we talk about spirituality, when we talk about soul-spirit, when we talk about existence and when we talk about silence, all the words that we use, after all, prove to be very weak. The feeling of silence is difficult to describe in words.

The Vedas tried to express silence, the Upanishads tried to express it, the Gita tried to express it, the Qur’an did and the Bible did. But, no matter how many words are expressed about silence, they have their own interpretation.

Some have interpreted silence as the realization of the divine, some as the vision of God, some as the realization of the soul, and some as the oneness of existence. But, unless man himself experiences silence, a state of mind beyond waking, dreaming and dormancy, unless one gets a glimpse of that state of mind, one cannot experience silence by reading any word explained about it, reading discourses or reading any philosophical expressions. .

When we go into deep sadhana, we feel the deepness of silence, we realize the dimension of its vastness, then no matter how much it is expressed in words, it is not expressed. So, sitting among the spiritual people who have got a glimpse of silence and discussing a little bit, one can get a few points.

But, if there are ordinary people, it is very difficult for them to reach the level of their heart or soul no matter how many words they try to express. The deeper we practice, the more we become silent, then the big question arises as to how meaningful it is to speak, how appropriate it is to speak, for whom to speak. Let’s call him a theologian, let’s call him an enlightened person, let’s call him a kind of selfish person and let’s call him a bad person, he rejoices in the language of silence.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. There is a saying ‘Idea Moves the World, Who Moves the Idea’, that is, Idea has run the world, it has become philosophy, it has become psychology, it has become literature and there are various religious texts. There is a chain of ideas.

When talking to someone, there is a wave of thought in between. The wave of thoughts spoken by one person reaches another person. There are thousands of waves of ideas in this space. We can see this from iCloud, where all the information is stored.

The highest development of science and technology is also showing us such things experimentally. But the source of all this is silence. When seeing the body, seeing the sensations of the body, we calm people’s thoughts, feelings, body and sensations. Not only this, while experiencing the breath, you feel the ‘gap’ between the incoming and outgoing breath.

Observing the chain of thought, we find the gap between the thoughts. When we observe emotions, we also feel the gap between emotions. In this way, after doing sadhana at this level, we find ourselves in a state of self-consciousness or in a state of static consciousness, beyond the body, thoughts and feelings, that feeling is really silent. For example, there is waking state, there is dream state, there is sleep state, sleep is also a kind of state of silence.

Sage Patanjali has also given the status of a samadhi to sleep. There is a difference between sleeping samadhi and waking samadhi. The dormant silence is the forgetfulness of oneself and the universe, while the awakened silence is the state of turiya beyond dormancy. In the state of awake silence, that is, in the state of turiya, there is complete awakening, there is a very wide consciousness, there is awakening, there is a state of consciousness, there is bliss, there is righteous bliss.

But, even the external world, this is the visual world, which we consciously experience physically and mentally in the dream state, the object to be experienced in this way is not there. Because of this, when we take ourselves into that state of absolute silence, it becomes supernatural. At that time, our sages chanted ‘Om Deu Shanti’, meaning Om Peace Be in the Universe.

Its dimensions are so wide, its perimeter is so wide. Individuals, families, nations, internationals and this is the galactic universe, this is the vast universe. In the silent state it also feels the witnessing power of the universe, at that time our sages also said – Peace be in the Universe i.e. Om Deu Shanti. They said again – Om space peace or om peace be in the space, om earth peace om peace be in the earth.

There is no limit to the state of silence, there is no conflict, there is no condition of any kind. In order to experience the waking state, one has to go through some kind of sadhana. We call our sadhana yoga, pranayama and meditation. In this Satyayuga, also in Dvaparayuga, also in Kaliyuga and in any other age, one realizes the truth, seeks the truth. If we want to position ourselves in silence, we must all go through sadhana.

(Based on News Factory’s conversation with Yoga Guru Brahmashri Mitra)


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