Arrangements for vaccination after diarrhea in Krishnanagar used to be no longer below keep watch over

October 23, Kapilvastu. While the corona virus was declining, diarrhea appeared in Kapilvastu. The diarrhea that started on September 3 has not been brought under control yet.

Citizens of Shivaraj Municipality, Vijayanagar Municipality and Yashodhara Municipality were also admitted to the hospital with diarrhea. Laboratory tests showed that they had cholera.

So far, according to the District Health Office, 1,332 people have been admitted to Shivraj Hospital, Bahadurganj, 61 to Vaidauli Hospital and six to Shivaraj Basic Hospital.

According to the health workers of Shivraj Hospital, Bahadurganj, more than 10 people are still being treated daily. So far, six people have died in the district due to diarrhea. According to the Kapilvastu Health Office, no one has been killed in the hospital so far.

“It was less in a few days. Lately, 8,10 patients have been coming here daily,” said Dr. Mukesh Chaudhary of Shivraj Hospital.

Vomiting and diarrhea are still prevalent in the village. Chudamani Bhattarai, chief of the health department of Shivaraj Municipality-7 and 8, said that diarrhea was under control in the village.

Public Health Officer Hemraj Pandey said that the Health Office Kapil Vastu is preparing for the vaccination. Pandey said that the World Health Organization has already decided to provide 2.5 lakh vaccines and the program will be implemented as soon as the vaccines arrive.

In the first phase, five local level citizens are being vaccinated. Health workers say that the control will be achieved only if the citizens get clean water along with vaccination and pay special attention to hygiene including hand washing.


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