Bar Affiliation Baglung launches prison literacy marketing campaign at native stage

Balewa, 23 October. The High Court Bar Association Baglung has started legal literacy campaign in all the ten municipalities.

Secretary of the Bar, Ramesh Bahadur Khadka, said that the campaign was launched to inform the people by explaining the basics of the law. “If people in rural areas know what laws and regulations are in place, it will help reduce crime and save money on special work,” he said. Did not

Chairman Akhil Nath Sharma said that the bar has tried to make the judicial committees of all the municipalities aware through this campaign. “Judicial committee officials are confused about their own jurisdiction. Now we are trying to give advice,” he said.

At the local level, there is a judicial committee headed by a deputy chief and vice-chairman. The committee has the power to administer justice. But lately, most of the committees have not been able to work. People have been reaching out to the court from the police without any judicial trust. Barr has started giving legal literacy on life related, karni, marriage, abduction, hostage, accusation of witchcraft, untouchability and discrimination. Khadka informed that Bar has already given literacy to 80 people in Tarakhola village municipality. Barr has also developed a curriculum to run literacy campaigns on a number of issues related to inheritance, divorce, in-laws, donation boxes, passing instruments and procedures.

Khadka informed that the bar has decided to conduct various programs by making curriculum on local level work, duties and rights from personal incident registration. After the formation of the local level, the bar did not hold any program. When the program was not held, the people’s representatives were also confused and the public awareness campaign could not be launched. Even the general public and people’s representatives were confused about the provisions of the new Civil Code, which has been in force since 2074 BS.

“We have got the opportunity to know many issues that we did not know about,” said Tarakhola village chairman Prakash Gharti. We are also preparing to go to the community. Barr has formed a committee to carry out its activities in the field of human rights as well. By forming 11 different thematic committees, the bar is trying to make the general public easily understand the legal issues and court process. During the previous tenure, when the controversy in the bar escalated, literacy could not reach the people along with the internal strife. रासस


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