China exports greatest warship to Pakistan

Agency, October 23. China has so far exported large warships to Pakistan. This is the largest warship ever built and exported by China.

According to the Global Times, which has been publishing information on China’s foreign affairs, the warship exported to Pakistan is very modern. This is the first time China has exported such a large and modern warship.

China’s influence in Pakistan is growing. It has also increased military assistance to Pakistan. The current sale of warships is seen as a partnership for strategic assistance.

The warship was designed by China State Shipbuilding Cooperation Limited of China. The warship was handed over to the Pakistan Navy during a ceremony on Monday.

The warship is named PNS Tugrill. The warship is said to have the capability to fight on the surface of the sea. It can strike air and water from the surface. It can also monitor in and out of the water.

Powerful countries have shown interest after China exported modern and large warships to Pakistan. The Indian media in particular has shown great interest in this.Photo Source: Pakistan Navy


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