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Kathmandu. A teacher’s hospital is to be built for teachers. The ministerial meeting on Monday also decided to form a committee to find a suitable place for the teachers’ hospital.

According to Secretary at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Ram Prasad Thapaliya, for proper land management, Dr. A five-member committee has been formed under the coordination of Vimal Chalise.

The committee consists of teachers and ministry staff. Secretary Thapaliya informed that the committee has been given two months to find suitable land. “A two-month period has been given for the teachers’ hospital,” said Secretary Thapaliya.

The committee is going to inspect the land in the main city of the country and submit its details to the ministry. ‘What kind of land is needed for the hospital? We have formed a committee under the convenership of Vimal Chalise, ‘said Secretary Thapaliya.

It is expected that more than three lakh teachers across the country will benefit from the construction of the Teachers’ Hospital. Finance Minister Janardan Sharma had provided budget for the construction of a teacher’s hospital through a bill to replace the budget ordinance. The Ministry of Education has started work for the implementation of the budget.

Similarly, the ministerial meeting on Monday arranged land for the Karnali State Office under the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training. For the construction of the office building, 1034 sq. M.

According to Jivanarayan Kafle, Member Secretary of the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training, it has been decided to allow the construction of the office building after completing the necessary process as per the policy 2071 BS.


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