Govt can’t be solid except presidential machine is carried out: Baburam Bhattarai

October 23, Gorkha Chairman of the National Council of the Janata Samajwadi Party, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, has said that a stable government cannot be formed in the country unless the directly elected executive presidential system is implemented.

Speaking at a public meeting held at Ghairung of Shaheed Lakhan village in Gorkha district on Tuesday, Dr. Bhattarai said that the current system of governance could not form a stable government no matter how many governments are formed in the country.

“Even if a constitution is drafted from the Constituent Assembly, there will be no stable government unless there is a directly elected presidential system in the country,” he said. He said change in the country would not be possible without good people.

He said that it was not true that the parties including the Maoists had reached everything in the current constitution, adding that the current constitution was not complete. “Even the constitution made by the Constituent Assembly is not complete until the directly elected presidential system is implemented,” said Dr. Bhattarai.

Chairman Dr. Bhattarai also said that the current federalism of Nepal is not the federalism they are looking for. “It is a country made up of different castes, languages ​​and communities. Federalism should be geographically demarcated according to its language and history. Federalism is not just about tearing apart like a crab because the country is big,” said Dr. Bhattarai. According to the demarcation should be.

In another context, he said that although the unity of yesterday’s Maoists was necessary, the old Maoists should come to a new place and unite instead of the old situation. “Let’s go to a place where there is a leadership system with a new ideology and structure. It is not enough for the Maoists to have only yesterday’s ideas,” he said.


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