‘Let’s additional discourage Leader Justice Jabra from throughout the Best Court docket’

23 October, Kathmandu. Stakeholders in the justice sector have said that Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher Jabra should be further discouraged within the Supreme Court to force him to resign.

When the political parties are ready, the Chief Justice can be removed from the House of Representatives by impeachment. However, the parties are not ready for the impeachment. Therefore, now the Supreme Court Judge and the Nepal Bar Association should move forward with a strategy to further discourage Jabra within the Supreme Court, says former judge Balram KC.

Speaking at a program organized by the Constitutional Law Practitioners Forum in Kathmandu on Tuesday, he said, “It does not look like the parties will file impeachment now. Judges will not sit here, Nepal Bar will continue to agitate, resignation will not come and impeachment will not be filed. And what about a vacuum? ‘

Asked what to do next, former judge KC replied, “Let’s further discourage the chief justice from within the apex court.” He also suggested ways to discourage them.

“Let’s just sit on the habeas corpus issue, not sit in a joint sitting with the chief justice. Let’s not go to the Nepal Bar to debate in a single sitting of the Chief Justice. Doing so can create an atmosphere of frustration over how long the rice will last. You may feel very immoral, ‘he said.

Another former judge, Top Bahadur Singh, also said that steps should be taken not to rely on the parties and to force the Chief Justice to resign. What could such steps be? His answer to that question is, ‘Continuous movement.’ He added, ‘The lamp is burning, don’t let it go out. Keep adding oil, keep the lamp burning. ‘

‘What a joy for the parties. The leader is Prachanda (Pushpa Kamal Dahal) whom we call Prachanda. Madhav Nepal who is the leader of all Nepal. Oli (KP Oli) is G. Oleg says one can resign? All five decrees must be issued by all five. Is that what a leader is talking about? ‘ The lion has a question. Urging the parties to remove the Chief Justice by impeachment, he added, “Leaders are only against themselves, not the people.”

‘… Impeachment could be fatal’

Former Justice Balram KC insists that there should be no fuss until the major parties are ready for impeachment. In the current situation, the impeachment could be fatal to the Nepal Bar and 19 judges. Because the parties are not ready, ‘he said.

He said that the main opposition and the largest party, UML, had said that if the impeachment was to be filed, all the five should be impeached. Let’s protest again, it will be cleansed, otherwise the court will not be reformed. ‘

His analysis is that if the impeachment is registered, but fails, the protesters will be questioned and the issues raised will be resolved instead of being resolved.

He said that the citizens and the service recipients are not interested in the discrepancies and inconsistencies in the court. “Those of us who have read, seen the constitution, debated in black, civil society, the intelligentsia understand and oppose. Otherwise, the client will have to decide when his case will be settled, ‘said KC.

The judge had to speak in writing

Senior Advocate Surendra Bhandari says that another way to further discourage Chief Justice Jabra from within the Supreme Court is to have the 19 judges speak in writing about why they had to agitate.

It has reached the masses that they have been in the movement for two years. Judges do not make decisions without conclusions. What was their conclusion before the agitation? They now have to speak in writing: What is the purpose of the movement against Chief Justice Jabra? ‘

He said that the practice of judges having their say in writing is also practiced in India. Senior Advocate Bhandari also said that 19 agitating judges of the Supreme Court could form a commission of inquiry against the Chief Justice. He says, ‘Explain what kind of preconditions the Chief Justice, the judge should resign. This issue needs to be clarified. “

Another senior advocate Shambhu Thapa also said that the 20 judges of the Supreme Court and the Nepal Bar Association could say that the administration of justice was closed. Earlier, he had said, “We have told Nepal Bar not to go to the door and sit on the doorstep of the Chief Justice.” The tussle begins as soon as you do that. Some people will be caught and released. ‘

Regarding additional measures, he says, “Either 20 judges closed the administration of justice, Nepal Bar also had to say that the administration of justice closed.” Because of the Chief Justice. ‘

Senior Advocate Thapa says that he can also inform the Parliament to give another Chief Justice.


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