Mundre’s comedy membership is closed, there are causes

Kathmandu, 23 October. Popular comedian Jitu Nepal’s television program ‘Mundreko Comedy Club’ has been shut down forever. Director Jeetu Nepal met a journalist on Monday and announced to close the show. The entertainment program has closed after completing 132 series.

It is understood that the reason for the closure of the show was not just the blossoming mother who came out. Jitu himself told the reporters that the main reason for his mother (Umesh Rai) leaving the club and going to work was other reasons.

Stating that the first show was done at the Tourism Board, Nepal pointed out that there was a lack of shooting set for the program. Jitu said that there was a lot of problem as there was no permanent set for shooting. In a conversation with a journalist, he also complained about the lack of guests as it was an entertaining program. Nepal says that it has decided to close down ‘Mundre’s Comedy Club’ after the company that is producing the show, ‘Ki Advertising’, announced another television show with Phulandeki Ama (Umesh Rai) as the presenter.

He had been writing the script, inviting guests and raising money himself.


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