Nirmala Kurmi dies in India!

23 October, Kathmandu. Nirmala Kurmi, who went missing from Nepalgunj, was found dead in India, police said.

A certified copy of the details of his death at Balha in Jagannathpur, 15 km from Rupadiya Naka, has been sent to the Nepal Police by the local Gram Panchayat Officer on Saturday.

According to Shyam Adhikari, chief of the District Police Office, Banke, Kurmi was married to an Indian citizen Arjun Kurmi in 2069-70 BS. “He was working in Nirmala’s village when he got married and fled to India,” the official told Online News.

Police have also obtained photos of the time they were married and the time of their death. And, Arjun has also taken a statement.

Nirmala Kurmi with Arjun.

According to police sources, Arjun said that Nirmala’s ‘Kalgati’ had died. However, he said that the land was grabbed by deception.

A complaint was lodged against eight persons on March 6, 2008 alleging that Kurmi was abducted and killed by taking his body hostage. The police had only conducted a general inquiry, but no detailed investigation could be carried out. Stating that the police investigation into the incident was not satisfactory, he had walked 20 days from Nepalgunj to Kathmandu seeking justice.

While protesting in Kathmandu, police arrested human rights activist Ruby Khan on charges of polygamy. A writ of habeas corpus was filed in the Supreme Court against him and a bench of Justice Anil Kumar Sinha ordered his release. Then she went on a hunger strike.

The government held talks with him and formed a six-member investigation committee under the coordination of Home Ministry Joint Secretary Hiralal Regmi. Khan then broke her fast.

Police is investigating on the basis of the committee’s report. Police have arrested seven persons mentioned in the Kitani complaint on Monday. One of them has been released due to old age. Former lawmaker Badsah Kurmi has not been arrested as he had already appeared and was released.

Madhav rights activist Ruby Khan said that the police had protected the main accused in the case of abduction, hostage-taking and murder. ‘How is it possible to leave attendance on bail in such a serious case? “The reason for not arresting the former lawmaker is that he has the protection of the state,” Khan told Online News.

Also investigate the paper: Khan

She said that she should also be aware of the documents that were allegedly found by the police recently. ‘Why didn’t the police bring this paper before our protest? How did this paper just come out? ‘ “There should be necessary investigation and scrutiny even on paper,” Khan said.

She said that it was a mystery that the paper came as soon as the agitation started. “We did not disclose the names of the four accused in the complaint. Arjun is one of them,” she said.

She said that she did not believe that Nirmala had gone to India and got married.


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