Now you do not have to slaughter animals after throwing meat from barley!

Agency. Anyone who hears it immediately is amazed. It is not surprising how meat grows from plants. However, the truth is being proved that meat can be produced from barley and there is no need to slaughter animals.

Yes, scientists in Iceland are proving this amazing thing from a kind of cell. This action will now help protect the environment.

The protein is added to the barley so that the ‘growth factor’ taken from the animal can be carried by the barley and the barley is ground and the meat is processed in the laboratory.

According to the BBC, since the meat is produced from barley from a small area, the animals do not need as much land as they need for meat production. And, with the help of technology, meat production from barley can be easily started in the laboratory without livestock.

Scientists in Iceland are now growing more than a million genetically modified barley to produce meat from plants. At the same time, scientists claim that now that meat is being produced from laboratories, there is no need to rely on livestock for meat. With the help of BBC


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