Order to pay reimbursement after twenty years of the bus captured by means of the military right through the warfare

Businessman Bharatnath Yogi.

October 23, Butwal. Victims of the Nepal Army’s seizure of four vehicles belonging to a businessman during the armed conflict have received justice after 20 years.

After the then rebel CPN-Maoist attacked Ghorahi Barracks in 2058 BS, the bus of Bharat Nath Yogi, a transport businessman of Ghorahi Sub-metropolis-4 of Dang, was captured by the Nepal Army.

Yogi’s bus (Na 2 Kha 2443, Na 2 Kha 5383, Ra 1 Kha 281) and jeep (Ba 3 Cha 7561) were used for smuggling Maoist cadres and their belongings.

The vehicles taken under control on December 26, 2058 were handed over to the yogi on September 26, 2060 using their own vehicles. The yogi says that he had to lose his house and farm to pay the installment to the bank as he did not get income from the car for two years. He had filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court seeking compensation of Rs 1,497,866.

He demanded compensation of Rs 1.32 million for one of the three buses, Rs 1.76 million for the other and Rs 1.54 million for the other bus. Similarly, they had demanded compensation of Rs 1.76 million for the jeep.

The Supreme Court ruled in his favor and ordered the government to pay compensation. The full text of the verdict of the joint bench of Justices Sapna Pradhan Malla and Tanka Bahadur Moktan on April 29, 2009 is yet to come.

The Supreme Court has ordered the district administration office to recommend the amount to the federal government for compensation. “All the property in my name was lost when I paid the installment to the bank,” said the yogi.


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