Physician’s advice: The issue of viral chilly would possibly build up with the onset of wintry weather …

October 23, Kathmandu.

Doctors have warned that the problem of viral cold may increase with the onset of winter season. Doctors have urged the general public to remain vigilant saying that the problem of viral cold could increase with the onset of cold weather across the country including Kathmandu.

In a conversation with News Agency Nepal on Tuesday, the Consultant Physician of Norvik International Hospital, Dr. Alok Dhungel urged the children, the elderly, pregnant women and the chronically ill to adopt health precautions due to the cold weather. He said that with the current weather, the flu will be more prevalent with corona, which will cause respiratory problems. Consultant Physician Dr. Dhungel urged to avoid cold, wear warm and warm clothes, not to go outside, to avoid smoke and dust, not to go out in the morning walk. He also urged the people to stay away from people suffering from common cold, use masks and avoid moving their noses, ears and mouths to avoid such flu. He also said that it is important to eat healthy food and get vaccinated to avoid such viruses.

Consultant Physician Dr. Dhungel said: “Due to the cold weather, young children, the elderly, pregnant women and the chronically ill have to be very careful. As it causes respiratory problems, it is not advisable to wear warm, warm clothes, walk outside, smoke and dust in the morning. Clothes should be kept warm, hot liquids should be eaten, if there is any person with the flu, he should be kept away from contact, especially if there is any member inside the house or outside the house. The same is true for the flu, as well as other viruses such as dino and rhino viruses, which cause the common cold in children. They are also active now, so it is important for people of all ages to avoid the virus, especially children, the elderly, pregnant women and the chronically ill, such as people with kidney, diabetes, heart disease, bath disease, cancer or some neurological problems. The best way to avoid it is to get vaccinated. A new influenza vaccine is coming in November 2022. It may not be on the market yet. Get vaccinated for the flu, it will also prevent seasonal flu, how to prevent it first. There are two types of avoidance, one is to avoid getting vaccinated, the other is to maintain social distance, to wear a mask, to use the behaviors of Kovid-19, not to go near a person with cold, not to move nose, mouth, eyes, ears, warm. Living, drinking plenty of fluids, avoiding smoke, dust and cold, these are the two ways we can avoid all kinds of flu viruses.

Consultant Physician Dr. Dhungel said that all citizens should make the prevention of seasonal flu their first priority. He said that the behaviors practiced during Kovid-19 can also be used to prevent seasonal viral flu. He said that a new influenza vaccine is coming for 2022, adding that those who get two doses of vaccine against covid can get the influenza vaccine as per the doctor’s advice.


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