Raunak of Chhath Pageant in Birgunj (Picture Characteristic)

October 23, Birgunj. The Chhath festival has its own significance in the Terai. Today, on the day of Kattik Shukla Panchami, Chhath festival is being celebrated as ‘Kharna’. On the day of Panchami Tithi, the Brahmins celebrate this festival as ‘Kharna’. This morning, after bathing and fasting for the whole day, the Bratalus eat the same khir cooked in Sakhkar at night and ascending to the Kuladevata and Chhathi Devi. This method is called ‘Kharna’.

Aiming at Chhath festival, the ponds of Ghadiarwa, Nagwa, Ranighat, Murli, Chhapkaiya and others in Birgunj have been decorated with the special activism of the locals.

Wednesday is considered to be the main day of Chhath. On this day in the evening, Bratalu reaches Chhathghat prepared in rivers, ponds, lakes and other reservoirs. They are dehydrated and fasting. On the seventh day, i.e. Thursday morning, the Chhath festival is formally concluded by offering argha to the rising sun.

There is a belief that worshiping Chhath will bring happiness, prosperity, procreation and fulfillment of desires. Lately, this festival has been celebrated not only in Terai-Madhesh but also in the hilly areas of Nepal.


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