Site visitors on Chitlang-Thankot street will probably be closed from October 12

23 October, Kathmandu. The Chitlang-Thankot road, which has been re-opened for the last ten years, will be completely closed from October 12.

The Chitlang-Chandragiri-Thankot road construction committee has stated that the traffic will be stopped till further notice as the construction work will start immediately after the main festival.

Ram Sharan Nepal, a member of the government committee, informed that it has been decided to resume the road construction work from November 11 and to stop the traffic completely from November 11.

“The road to Kathmandu is ‘clear’, but it has been decided to close it as there will be risks while road construction continues,” said Nepal, a road construction campaigner.

As the contract for the Thankot-Chandragiri section of the Chitlang-Thankot road expires next April, there is pressure on the construction side to complete the work within the stipulated time. “People’s demand is that the road should be paved as soon as possible. That is why we are starting work as soon as the festival is over,” said Nepal, a member of the committee.

According to the Road Construction Concern Committee, the road from Thankot to 2,250 meters to 8250 meters has been ‘cleared’.

Following the work of adjusting the radius and grade in the Panighat bend of this section, the committee has worked to raise machinery wall on 3160 meters road, down to 3420 meters road, fill 2 meters soil up to 3580 meters road, cut mound up to 3780 meters, remove landslides Are

Similarly, the dozer has pushed some of the turns up to 30 meters away from rock cutting in the fallen mode and has also succeeded in breaking the white rock.

According to Subhash Chandra Thakuri, chief campaigner of road construction, Ujeli Kholsa has been made by ‘rock cutting’ in Andheri Kholcha and three awkward turns have been ‘canceled’. Thakuri said that when the road from Thankot to Chandragiri was paved, it was generally called ‘track open’ but a lot was done saying that.

He informed that a model natural wall has also been constructed by cutting the mound by making another bend 22 meters in front of the 7900 meter road.

According to Thakuri, the slope of the hut should be improved, a lot of soil should be removed, wall should be erected 3 meters out of dozer fall, 10 meters wide everywhere, wall should be widened 3 meters outside at 6 km west, widening of Andheri Kholsi road, jade cutting of Ramche. The road will have to be doubled.


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