Stocks of Nepse, ICFC and Mahalakshmi declined by way of 61 issues

Shares of Nepse, ICFC and Mahalakshmi declined by 61 points

November 8, 2078 12:47 VikasNews

Kathmandu. The stock market on Tuesday continued to decline. The Nepse index has declined by 61.29 points in the first hour and a half of regular trading. Which is 2.17 percent less than the previous day.

At 12:35 pm, the index dropped to 2768.35 points. Shares worth Rs 2.68 billion have been traded during the period. Of which the most courageous energy has been traded. Shares worth Rs 176.8 million of the company have been bought and sold.

As of this writing, there has been a negative circuit in the share prices of the two companies. Share prices of ICFC Finance and Mahalakshmi Development Bank fell 10 percent.

Shares of these two companies, which had a positive circuit on Monday, have a negative circuit today. The share price of ICFC Finance fell by Rs 106.30 to Rs 956.70 and the share price of Mahalakshmi Development Bank fell by Rs 88 to Rs 793 per share.

The share price of Tehrathum Power has also seen a positive circuit in the declining market. The company’s share price rose 9.99 percent, or Rs 33, to Rs 363 per share.


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