The police who got here to raid had been tied to a pole and.

On the evening of Tihar in Motihari, Bihari, a mob of gamblers tied a policeman to an electric pole and beat him. The video, which went viral on social media, shows a group of people attacking a man in a police uniform.

The incident took place at Dharmapur village in Chapra Bahas. The beaten is Assistant Police Inspector Sita Das. Police had reached the spot after receiving information that there was a dispute in the village.

Those people were gambling under the influence of alcohol. He is thought to have survived an earlier attempt to oust him following Mr Jiang’s intervention. NDTV

This is also a relief to the affected farmers
The Changunarayan Municipality has decided to provide relief to the affected farmers after the paddy plant failed to produce paddy. Mayor Somprasad Mishra said that relief would be provided to the affected farmers at an interaction program organized by National Farmers Group Federation of Nepal, District Working Committee and co-organized by the municipality on Monday.

He informed that some relief would be provided to the 70 farmers of the municipality even though the municipality could not provide compensation for the loss due to non-production of paddy planted on 200 ropanis of land. Mayor Mishra advised the farmers not to plant paddy indiscriminately in the hope of reaping high yields as the paddy was not harvested and was not recommended by the agronomist of the municipality.

More than 200 farmers affected by Changunarayan and Suryabinayak participated in the program. Farmers have said that the production was low when they brought in Chinese paddy seeds such as Dewai 28 and Khumal-8. Farmers demanded that the government should provide relief to them as the production of hybrid paddy was low.


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