The spouse was once strolling round with a ribbon tied round her husband’s neck as a result of she knew that Pauda was once all stunned!

A Brazilian woman saw her husband walking down the street like a dog. People were shocked when the picture of her doing so became public on social media. The woman was wearing a chain around her husband’s neck. The reasons she gave for doing so are very interesting.

According to the Daily Star, the woman’s name is Luana Kazaki and her husband’s name is Arthur Orso. The two were seen posing for photos at a crowded train station in Brazil and on the street. According to the photo, Luana is treating her husband Arthur like a dog.

Arthur had a chain around his neck that Luana was holding. She was carrying her husband on a chain. Arthur had a mask on his face. According to Luana Kazaki, they did this to promote ‘love and romance’ between them.

“I don’t care what people think,” Luana said in an interview. I have not done anything illegal. We have done this without putting anyone in trouble. We believe it promotes love and libido. ‘

Luana was seen tying her husband Arthur around like a dog’s leash. The couple also did a photo shoot. Luana’s husband is seen sitting on the floor like a dog, and some pictures of her have been made public.


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