Turnover greater as Nepse fell, 3 firms felt sure circuit

Turnover increased as Nepse fell, three companies felt positive circuit

November 8, 2078 at 3:35 p.m. VikasNews

Kathmandu. The market had not declined since the start of trading on Tuesday. The market, which had been traveling to Arolo since the opening of trading, continued to decline.

The Sensitive Index, which measures share turnover, fell 2.82 percent, or 79.79 points, to 2,749.86.

Despite the decline in the market index, the transaction amount has increased. Shares worth Rs 6.52 billion have been traded in the market today, compared to Rs 4.42 billion on the previous day. That is Rs 2.10 billion more than the previous day.

225 scripts were traded in the market. Of which, Nabil Bank has the highest turnover. Shares of the bank worth Rs 298.2 million were traded on the same day. The share price of the bank, which had increased its turnover, has come down to Rs 1,579 per share.

Similarly, courage is the second most traded business. Shares of the company worth Rs 257.9 million have been traded. Its share price has risen to Rs 717 per share.

The share prices of the three companies have also started circulating in the market which has declined by higher numbers. Shares of Manushi MFI, Sahas Urja and Tehrathum Power rose 9.99 percent. With the price hike, the per capita price of Manushi has gone up to Rs 844.30, that of Sahas to Rs 717.70 and that of Tehrathum to Rs 363.20.

All the groups that came into business on Tuesday are seen in Ratamme. Among them, non-life insurance group has declined the most.


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