UML is training digital vote casting

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23 October, Kathmandu. CPN (UML) has started conducting sample voting practice for party leaders and cadres for voting through electronic machine at the party’s 10th National General Convention to be held in Chitwan from December 26 to 27.

Sample voting has been arranged at the UML Central Office, Thapathali from Tuesday to teach the party leaders and cadres to vote electronically. From the Ram-Laxman voting machine, UML has decided to use electronic voting in the general convention to be held in Chitwan from November 29 to 30.

“From today, we are conducting sample voting at the party headquarters on how to cast electronic voting,” said Laxman Rimal, director of Ram Laxman Innovation.

According to him, the delegates of the General Convention will be taught to cast their votes in the electronic machine from Tuesday before the voting in the General Convention. He informed that sample voting will be done from two machines at the party convention office where sample voting is being done from two machines.

In the ninth national convention of the CPN-UML, voting was done using electronic voting machine but it was not used at the last minute due to internal disputes. This time, the UML has even reached an agreement with Ram-Laxman Innovation to use electronic machines for the general convention election.

Director Rimal said that all the delegates would be sampled once in an electronic machine. “We will only allow all the delegates participating in the convention to cast their ballots by casting their votes once in an electronic machine,” he said.

Ram-Laxman Innovation is preparing to have 100 electronic machines for electronic voting. In the UML General Convention, elections will be held for a total of 255 posts including 225 Central Members, 15/15 members in the Discipline and Accounts Commission. Director Rimal said that arrangements have been made for one representative to cast his vote in half an hour. “We estimate that there will be about 500 candidates for a total of 48 posts,” he said.

The machines will have 48 ballot screens for 48 seats including inclusive election. He said the results would be made public within three to four hours after the election. Representatives will be selected in the UML General Convention without increasing the number to 1,999. UML Central Publicity Department Deputy Chief Surya Thapa said that the machine was being used to make the party’s general convention technology-friendly.

This is how the election will be held

Electoral machines will be allowed to vote only after the election official verifies the delegates participating in the convention. After the verification of the name by the Returning Officer, a coupon will be given to the representative for voting. The delegates will vote for the same coupon in the machine. The delegates will vote for the candidate who appears 48 times on the screen in the ballot paper prepared for 48 seats. After voting on one screen, another screen will automatically appear.

In this way, after voting for the candidate from one screen, the candidate will be voted. Director Rimal said that the voters can cast their ballots again if they have to cast their ballots once.

Polling stations will be set up at different places for voting. He informed that voting will be done from eight machines in one polling station. These polling stations will have an election official, a technician and representatives of two candidates. He said that a technical team of 40 people would be deployed for electronic voting.

After voting, the list of who got how many votes from all the machines is also printed. He said that the quantity will be announced by adding the votes printed from 100 machines. “It takes about four hours from the time the ballot papers are made to the time the results are announced,” he said.


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