What he did to his spouse, whom he married 13 years in the past, pronouncing that he may now not have a son, blew everybody’s thoughts!

Janakpurdham. The incident of a husband killing his wife in all the municipalities of Dhanusha saying ‘Bajinia’ has become public.

The relatives of the deceased have accused Lal Babu Safi, 35, of Sabaila Municipality-3 of stabbing his wife Ajmeri Khatun, 30, to death.

According to Khatun’s father Mohammad Alam, Safi and his daughter-in-law Nurjaha Khatun and brother-in-law Manzur Safi have been giving mental stress to Ajmeri for a long time.

It is alleged that Safi killed Ma’idra PA and Safi by putting pressure on her daughter’s neck while she was sleeping at home. He said that there were signs all over the body of the deceased and even on the throat.

Gulshan Khatun, the mother of the deceased, alleged that the police did not show any readiness to take action against the accused. Meanwhile, Rajesh Sigdel, Superintendent of Police, Eila Police Office, said that they have arrested Lal Babu Safi, husband of the deceased, immediately after the incident.

Stating that they are investigating the other accused involved in the incident, he said, “The investigation of the incident has been affected due to the festival. Now the investigation is moving forward.


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