“What’s left for the Leader Justice to avoid wasting now?”

The judiciary is agitating for the resignation of Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher Jabra. The main allegation of the agitators is that Chief Justice Jabra has tried to infiltrate politics in the court by seeking participation in political appointments. Kedar Bhakta, an educationist watching the movement inside the court, is shocked by the silence of the political parties. For online news with Mathema Binu Subedi Excerpt from a conversation with:

In 2032, you stopped the police from trying to enter the campus where he was head. At that time, your argument was that state interference in academic and independent bodies was not acceptable. It is difficult to find an independent body now. The last example is the court. What changes did you get from 2032 to 2078?

I am saddened to hear this, but the institutions seem to be falling apart. Of course, even in earlier panchayats, independent bodies would not be out of state control. The court used to keep some of its loyal people in various places due to the whirlpool. But not as much as now. At present, the activities of the parties have increased in every independent body of the state. What has been happening in the court lately is also the result of manipulation of the parties. Hey there How much politics do they have to do? It makes me think that there is politics in Nepal, but no politician is born. There are no people who think that it is good for the nation and the institution, it is good for Nepal, but we should go there. You have to be able to get up and speak. The court is a big thing. People are confident that I will get justice even if it is not elsewhere. That faith is great. But now, looking back at the court, it seems that faith is beginning to crumble.

Is it that the place where the people trust has been shattered?

Yes It was difficult to see. Isn’t this a great loss to a nation? Now we are hearing about Nigeria, Syria. In those countries too, the people’s faith in the various organs of the state has been damaged. Now our politics is also moving in that direction. But how come the leaders do not understand? I wonder how you understood.

Politics also gave birth to ‘Ba’ and ‘Dai’ but the state could not produce the leader it needed when it was in trouble, right?

No, no, the politician looks after the nation, not his own party. Even if it is a loss immediately, it will take a stand after 20 years. A serious leader is not only good for the nation but also against the wave of popular popularity. But in our case, your leadership is not good enough.

There is a growing tendency for you not to resign even if you do not deserve to be my leader. What is the result?

That’s why it’s so embarrassing. If we remain stubborn like this, the country will face a bigger accident. There may be a bigger movement, there may be a revolt, the country may take a harder path. Therefore, it is better for the Chief Justice to admit his mistake and go to Khurukka than to cause more complications.

First politics entered the court, now the court has entered politics. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

There seems to be a mutual understanding between the judiciary and the politicians, such as ‘I will cut his back, he will cut my back’. They have a strong and strong bond. But when that happens, there will be rebellion. We don’t know who will lead the big rebellion later. Therefore, political parties and leaders should understand in time.

But isn’t it better for the leaders to leave the matter of the court to the court so that the matter of the court can be decided by the court now?

What to say now! Our leaders are consuming this poison rather than eating it. What speed did the university make, other institutions also managed. How can a nation be strong when its institutions are weak? In order to strengthen nationalism, we have to strengthen our institutions. See how Afghanistan collapsed. Be careful, so if you have to blame someone for this, I will blame the political leaders.

Now, not only the leaders, but also the judges and the chief justices are being questioned. Shouldn’t that be the case?

When a person reaches a position, if he does not have the qualifications according to the position, he is elevated because of the position. Some people are moving away from their old ways and moving forward a little cleaner. But some people are just like themselves, trying to make it so by dropping the verse. Now that they have parties and leaders in my right hand, it must have occurred to me that no one can do anything.

What should not be forgotten is that at first Lokman Singh Karki was equally important, in the end he did not stand.

At present, only lawyers and judges are speaking. We must not leave them alone. I think the activism of others should also increase and increase. But the leaders have to do what they have to do before the people get up. Moreover, the Chief Justice should resign before the parties wake up

If the Chief Justice resigns now, I will resign as I was appointed. You are saying that I have been appointed by 30 million people. Does that mean extra trust in political parties?

Of course it is. Now no political party has spoken about it. In a way, they have also supported it. But the people have seen, seen and understood all this. The people have also evaluated the political parties that have remained silent even on such serious issues. Not everyone speaks or writes, but people can be heard talking at the tea party, at the bus stop. So this chaos inside the court should have really happened before, now. Now the political parties should not delay in finding a way out by uniting.

What should be the role of the parties now?

The biggest role is played by the parliament. But before that, the leaders of the political parties had to sit together and say something.

It is not good to have such a long dispute in the court. The parties should understand that the longer it lasts, the more it stinks. We can no longer carry you, Chief Justice. If this controversy reaches the parliament and an impeachment has to be filed, it will get worse. So you have to be able to say clearly that you have a way out. They had to be a little more active. It is a matter of the court, no one is going to believe the way the political parties are saying that we have nothing. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

There was trust in the court even when other public institutions collapsed. Even when the House of Representatives was dissolved twice, the court was trusted and the result was accordingly. Now that the court itself is disputed and divided, where is the hope?

Now the civil society, the intellectuals, the civil movement should all be active, raise their voice with strength. The voice of the media should be stronger. The people are on their livelihood, for some the matter of the court is complicated.

In the land of the sheep there is a kingdom of wolves. We are not the sheep. At present, only lawyers and judges are speaking. We must not leave them alone. I think the activism of others should also increase and increase. But the leaders have to do what they have to do before the people get up. Moreover, the Chief Justice should resign before the parties wake up. Everything is covered and it has come on the road. What to save now? What is left for the Chief Justice to save? It is better to keep your dignity safe and guide it. Leaders of political parties should also create that kind of pressure.

The intellectual class has not reached what it has said?

Now I don’t see judges and lawyers with other areas. Therefore, the parties should come to the forefront to support them. But if the parties remained silent, civil society would have to wake up. The nation is not to be swayed.


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