When Jhala Nath Khanal returned to birthday party paintings, a gathering of the State Division used to be held

Kathmandu, 23 Kartik. Respected CPN (Unified Socialist) leader Jhala Nath Khanal has returned to the regular work of the party. He is also the party’s foreign affairs chief. He also held a meeting under his chairmanship of the State Department yesterday (Monday).

The meeting was organized to organize the office of the State Department, to observe the current situation of the current world communist movement, to study the communist parties in different countries, to contact and expand relations, to inform the allied party about the Nepali communist movement. Khanal has stated that he has decided to publish regularly.

Similarly, a member of the Foreign Department, Dr. He also said that it has been decided to appoint Shankar Khatiwada. Leader Khanal was resting at home after returning home from India after undergoing a kidney transplant. Now he is active in party work.


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