190 million was once withdrawn from Kumari Financial institution by way of making pretend portions of the land of singer Yogeshwar Amatya

Kathmandu: It has been revealed that singer Yogeshwor Amatya has taken a loan of Rs. The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) has arrested five people, including two employees of Kumari Bank’s Bara branch, on the charge of giving loans on the basis of fake IDs.

Among those arrested are Sonu Thakur, a loan officer of Kumari Bank in Bara, Rajesh Chaurasia, an appraiser, SK Maharjan, Muktilal Gautam and another intermediary Kusum Pradhan from Kathmandu, said CIB Chief DIG Dhiraj Pratap Singh.

Gautam and Maharjan are the directors of Benial Trading Company, Koteshwar. Three of them were arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation from Kathmandu a few days ago. Chaurasia was arrested by the police on Tuesday.

They have been arrested on the charge of swindling Rs.

They had made fake red deeds of 12 bigahs of land in Amatya’s Bara and submitted documents for the loan. The loan officer and the appraiser of the bank had given a loan of Rs 190 million on the basis of the same fake red card. CIB chief DIG Singh informed that further investigation is being carried out on all the five arrested persons.


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